Sean Helds’ “keep scales aligning”

“I grew up in Southern California. Every winter, my friends and their families would come out to Colorado to go skiing (yes, envious), and when it came time to go to college, many of those same friends came out to CU Boulder, and every time I spoke with them (either during those winters or after college), they ALWAYS said how AMAZING Colorado was, and especially the City of Boulder and the CU Campus! In 1992, I decided it was time to leave LA (I was looking for a place where I could raise my yet-to-be-created family, and knew LA was too big of an obstacle), and after ALL those conversations with friends, I chose Colorado (I would have moved straight into Boulder, but at the time, and with limited resources, I selected Westminster for its proximity to Boulder and Denver). To this day, this could quite possibly be the best decision I have ever made (of course, after asking my beautiful wife to marry me within 5 days of meeting her).

When I heard about the Boulder Tattoo Project on CPR Radio, I jumped quickly on the opportunity. After I was selected as a participant, I was able to get my wonderful daughter Sierra and my amazing nephew Kurt to also become participants. Even though I didn’t quite get my first choice, I am completely elated with ‘keep Scales aligning’! I chose my left shin (yes, OUCHIE), with the type reading from knee down so I can see it when I cross my legs, as a constant reminder of the struggle I, and most people, have with having to weigh continuous choices in my life (i.e. do I pull my car over when I see that someone needs assistance; do I reprimand my children for something that ultimately is silly in the whole realm of things; do I consider an employment offer from a competing company, etc.). Since receiving the tattoo, I have looked at it with pride countless times and the whole reason behind selecting the phrase holds true every day!

Thank you so very much, Chelsea, for allowing me and my family to participate and for all you have done to get the project to the finish line!!!”

Sean Helds

Sean Helds’ “keep Scales aligning”

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