The Boulder Tattoo Project, a large-scale community artwork, is a collaboration between partners-in-art Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova, and Chelsea Pohl. Kurt and Kremena live and work in Lexington, KY. Both of them teach at Transylvania University. To find out more about their art, visit kurtandkremena.com. A native of Lexington, Chelsea is the founder and director of Locheart Arts in Boulder, CO, where she lives with her husband and two kids.

The Boulder Tattoo Project is the second of its kind in the nation. It is a spinoff on the original, The Lexington Tattoo Project. What started as a Facebook request for Lexington, KY residents to have the words of a love poem to their city inked on their bodies became a local phenomenon and quickly garnered national attention.

click here to view the poem written for The Boulder Tattoo Project

Now people who call Boulder home have become the canvas of an artwork created by the Kentucky-based artists–the same artists who created the Lexington Tattoo Project just one year earlier.

This project funded in part by a grants from the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council, and the Knight Foundation.

37 thoughts on “Home

  1. How does someone become a participant? Do they get to choose the word that gets tattooed on them? I want to participate. Let me know.

    • Hi Bradley,
      After the poem is divided into words and phrases (due Aug 31), sponsors will have their first pick of word or phrase. After that we will share with all of the participants the remaining words and phrases and ask each one of you to list your top 3 choices (Sept 15). We will do our best to assign you to one of those top 3 choices. I will keep you updated on how all that will work and when via email. Likely we will start the assigning in Sept., hand out the tattoos at our second meet and greet in October and begin tattooing in Nov.

      In order to become a participant, please email me @ chelsea@locheartarts.com.

      Thank you!

    • This project is exciting, in a large part, because so many people who call Boulder home are excited about it. The people who are part of The Lexington Tattoo Project are looking forward to sharing this kind of connection with Boulder as well.

  2. Sign Me Up!! Totally inspiring project. I came of age here, tried to leave here & in the end,
    will probably always call the Boulder Area home! Scorpions’ Rule!!

  3. This is awesome! I just signed up today to participate! Very inspiring and a very unique way to bring so many people together. So excited to be part of it.co

  4. Just tried to email you and will try again: EmpressElizabeth55@gmail.com– I would love to be a part of this project!
    Hello there,
    Wow- I just heard about the project from the woman I work with- Jana Ogren! I would love to become a part of the project- I have one tattoo now and have been considering another but wanted it to be special….
    I love Boulder, I am 55 and I am willing and ready!
    I have been traveling since 2009- becoming a part of what is happening on the planet with the rise of the Divine Feminine- I heard last summer it was my time to choose where I wanted to go- I chose Boulder!
    I have never felt so alive- I love the mountains and creeks and lakes- I love the people- I love the opportunities!
    And I would love to Be a part of honoring all that Boulder is with others!

    With a smile,

  5. If you still have room, I’m absolutely available and beyond willingly stoked to participate to forever show my gratitude for all this wonderful city has done for me and my family!

  6. Fabulous idea!!!! Boulder Rocks…..the people, the beauty….why live anywhere else? If you still have space, n will take a tattoo virgin…IM IN.

  7. Boulder is my home away from home and I love the direction of the art and idea of a communal tattoo. How do I become a part of this? I’ve looked around the site and can’t find it.

  8. I would love to be a part of this project also! Could I even be a back-up in case someone changes their mind? Great poem! Great project!

  9. I want to be part of the project. Boulder has always been home to me. Spent my first 26 years inBoulder. Moved to boulder when i was 6 weeks old, started school in Boulder and graduated from Fairview in 81. Married at Atonement Lutheran in Boulder and first daughter born at Boulder Community hospital.

  10. This sounds like a really unique opportunity that I would be very interested in participating in. I love how it takes written work to an artistic approach on a human canvas.

  11. My phone number is 303 532 6913 and i would love to be a part of this. i live boulder and i would feel honored to be a candidate. i am 27 and currently in school for cosmetology

  12. my friend johanna just got part of the poem…found you here…so awesome!!…has the poem been completed? is there a way to see what’s “left”? thanks! angela, boulder resident 20 years.

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