Brandy LeMae’s “silvery”

“I received my BFA from CU Boulder with an emphasis in conceptual sculpture, but for the past 15 years I have been working with my husband in our architecture firm, WORKSHOP8. For the last five years, I have had a keen interest in expanding our portfolio to include public art. When I heard Chelsea’s interview about the Boulder Tattoo project on CPR’s Colorado Matters, I knew I wanted to participate in this interesting public art project. A project in which the public actually became the art . . . what a cool idea!

I am an Aquarius, so I assumed that I would pick a word or phrase from that section of Anne’s poem, but after narrowing down a list of possible words and phrases to four choices, I asked my husband and daughter to help me select something that suited me best. We ended up singling out the word ‘silvery’ because as I enter into middle age, I am going through a transformation from a brunette to a silver-haired woman. I felt ‘silvery’ was a way to pay tribute to my metamorphosis.”

Brandy LeMae

Brandy LeMae’s “silvery”

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