Kristen McCormac’s “close to tundra”

Tundra dwells wherever high places dream
In vivid tones, those elements play.
The precious pulse of earth and sky stream
through like some divine whisper, a song of
little separation.

Here there is a sweetness that gifts the
heartiest her passage of survival.
Learning always to adapt and evolve. Return
again to a more primal essence.
Distill back down.

Cloaked in the beauty of simplicity and a strength
so certain,
This is a place of awe,
Rugged, fragile and wise.
It pulses with a knowing whose tenacity was
imprinted from the beginning.

In this landscape of spirit, high above the
place you expect green life to grow, only the
most patient of visions come to manifest.
Like some valiant right of evolution, the
force of life battles upward with a fierce

The sweeping winds, a bone deep cold,
That vision lays dreaming in the dark under
frozen earth.
When the time is right a potent will calls her
to awaken and head toward the sun.

Given just enough light and protection to make
it all possible,
When she rises she wastes no time.
Her bloom magnificent
Her petals precious and rare
Her existence so profound the heart of
compassion is born with a scream.

A mandala of nature beyond the claim of man.
Nature’s harsh embrace sculpted her into
something more resilient.
So near the sky her wilderness reigns untouched.

A language of mystery talks through this

desolate expanse.
Meadows of wildflowers hum to the sun, blankets
of stars sing back in the night.
This poetry is reawakened by a space that truly
Heaven speaks
Vajra sky to life below,
Find your truth here, be free.

Your footprint sealed in the earth like an altar
of raw simplicity,
Each step a kiss and a prayer,
You just another element brought to the quiet of
these far up lands to dance with an ancient
light and the impulse of survival.

Invoking such a strength always near, her
presence like some transcendent friend,
Wherever high places dream, you are close to
This is the Way, now fired in the kiln for the
path ahead.

Kristen McCormack

Kristen McCormack’s “close to tundra”

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