Lisa Roberts’ “who” & a comma

“’soul mate to the prairie dog perhaps/who surveys the environs with keen eye’

‘who’ is a simple, open-ended word. It’s a word that makes me stop, ask, and feel a connection with another person.

Twenty years ago in Boulder, who did I fall in love with and help create two beautiful children? My husband! Who is poetic, an over achiever, wise beyond her years, athletic, smart, and compassionate? My daughter! Who is happy-go-lucky, my star, protective, sensitive, and open-minded? My first son! As foster-to-adopt parents in Boulder County, we have opened our home, minds, and hearts to so much more. Who has overcome so many challenges, is strong-willed, has the biggest hug, a contagious laughter, and a smile that melts your heart? My second son! Who has attention-getting blond hair & blue eyes, loves the great outdoors & animals, and is quite curious? My third son! All the people I have encountered, befriended, and loved have had some influence on who I am today; each of them has a story and a place in my life. You are all stars in my eyes.

My word is surrounded by three stars on the inside of my left heal. Afterwards, a comma tattoo with 3 more stars was still available and it only felt natural, more balanced to mirror them on my right heal, representing our family of six. These were my first tattoos. I am proud to be a part of this fun project, to have deeper ties to the Boulder area and the people living here or simply passing through.

I love Boulder and those ‘who’ surround me!”

Lisa Roberts

Lisa Roberts’ “who” & a comma

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