Dana Reynolds’ “re-inventing herself”

“I am 31 years old. I had been pondering the idea of getting a tattoo for several years, but couldn’t seem to find just the right thing to have inked on my body for the first time. Maybe I was just too nervous about it. Then I heard about the Boulder Tattoo Project and it really piqued my curiosity.

The community aspect of the project was very much in sync with what I have fallen in love with about the Boulder area. I moved here from Los Angeles about 6 years ago and found the people simply amazing in their friendliness and willingness to help others. Pretty different compared to the general population of L.A. In the time I have lived here, I have experienced rich spiritual growth and I think I owe much of that to an open-minded and generally nurturing environment. I have been learning from some amazing teachers who have guided me to an ever-more-fulfilling and joyous life. I have gone from being a clinically socially anxious person to being free of many hindrances.

Then I got to read ‘Boulder Zodiac’ and found many phrases that stood out to me. One, however, really seemed to define my life in the Boulder area over the last few years. It also reminded me that I want to continue to grow and nurture my body, mind, and spirit. “re-inventing herself” was definitely it and I placed the tattoo on the inner part of my left forearm so that it could serve as a constant reminder to make the right choices. I desire to live a satisfying, happy life. If I make a mistake that leads me away from that goal, I know that I can re-gain my focus and that I have another day to try it again.”

Dana Reynolds

Dana Reynolds’ “re-inventing herself”

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