Lydia Taylor’s “lore”

“The Boulder Tattoo Project has allowed me to bring breath back to the artist within me. I have wished for a tattoo since I was 12.  Now, at age 53, my wish was granted! ‘Lore,’ my word, is very dear to my heart. It gives me a connection to my family, all generations of my Irish roots, their traditions and beliefs. Since this was my first tattoo, I think the word and meaning were a perfect choice! Being a member of the Boulder Tattoo Project has helped me transform myself. This past year was very difficult; I fought cancer and the love of my life died. This tattoo gave me a new outlook. The New Year of 2014 is the year of Lydia! I am finding out who I am and allowing myself to follow my dreams. For this I am grateful.”

Lydia Taylor

Lydia Taylor’s “lore”

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