Sheila A. “Sheba” Sullivan’s “once ocean”

“Instantly drawn to ‘once ocean,’ my first choice—I accept these words in several contexts: Colorado and the West, ancient oceans, the many strata of prehistory in geology…

‘once ocean’ resonates with my own cosmic connections: I was ‘once ocean’—a connection to all Life within this biosphere. Just as we are all ‘star stuff,’ we were all ‘once ocean,’ too—in this ‘ocean universe,’ on this blue planet.

re: the placement … on my left shoulder:

I’ve come to think of this tattoo as my ‘angel on my shoulder.’ When I spot it in the mirror, I smile—proud to have been a part of this Project—and glad to have been BRAVE enough to jump into the Project—with both feet!

I had been considering a tattoo (or two) for almost 10 years. The time and the idea of being a part of this special community, confirming my LOVE of Boulder … FELT right. This was not an impulsive decision, but a well-considered one—for when the time felt auspicious.


Although my immediate neighborhood did not flood during Katrina, my life was forever changed by the event. I lost many items in the move (due to others who did not care, including my landlord of 12 years and the first mover I made arrangements with). I was keenly aware of emotions—with both the hurricanes in the northeast and this amazing Boulder flood. We had minimal flooding in the basement of my residence in Boulder during the FLOOD of 2013. I lost about $100 worth of materials (art supplies). Numerous colleagues were affected, some losing much, as did many whom I knew in New Orleans during Katrina. We move forward, embracing the revelations of these floods, charged with a resolve to be stronger in community.”

Sheila A. Sheba Sullivan

Sheila A. Sheba Sullivan’s “once ocean”

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