Mark Walls’ “down, Libra”

“The Boulder Tattoo Project has helped me so much in my transition from Wisconsin to Boulder. I moved here to go to CU, after a few years of researching the school, as well as the town of Boulder. The first time I visited was in April of 2013, and immediately upon arrival I fell in love with Boulder in a way that reading Internet articles and student reviews could never have made me. The scenery, the people, the culture and environment, all make for an amazing city brimming with new things to experience, and I’ve never been happier knowing that I can be a part of it. Participating in the Boulder Tattoo Project has allowed me to own a permanent part of Boulder’s history and culture, which makes me feel more at home than ever. When I came back to Boulder after the holidays, it felt like I was coming home, a feeling I never thought I’d experience anywhere other than Hartford, Wisconsin, my home town. I chose my phrase because it has my star-sign, Libra, as one of the two words. It’s also a simple phrase, and when I repeat it in my head, almost like a mantra, it brings me peace and calm. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this project. I’m thankful for the amazing community of Boulder who inspired me to do it and continue to inspire me in so many other ways.”

Mark Walls

Mark Walls’ “down, Libra”

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